Welcome to Urban_Plan_B: a personal space for sharing tips and tricks honed over a lifetime for saving money and other resources and to help navigate some of the turbulence of modern urban life. My aim is to support overall well-being.

Through this blog and social media, I share product and book suggestions via Amazon Affiliate links (pennies add up; as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases — see the terms of of use). These are curated with a genuine interest in these items and in Amazon as a platform for delivering resources to even very remote corners of the US. I also post images and descriptions of #streetfinds to draw attention to cities as places often rich in wasted materials, spaces and opportunities. Additionally, I share some of my publications and affiliations, which relate to my urban research and interests.

Moreover, I challenge readers to consider and try to prepare for potential environmental challenges, disasters or hazards. For example, if the air quality suddenly drops, what can be done to respond (as Amazon and neighboring stores run out of air purifiers, masks, etc.)?

Air filter constructed from a low cost clip fan (+ retail box), a high MERV HVAC/HEPA filter + a roll of painter’s (blue) tape.

I consider environmental challenges as well as approaches to frugality, financial independence, community resilience and sustainability for now from the Greater San Francisco Bay Area — where air quality is typically okay and concerns about earthquake preparedness, wildfires and sea level rise loom large.

I follow the global Financial Independence/Improvement Retire Early (FIRE) movement, #vandwelling, #zerowaste, #circulareconomy, food trucks and other examples of rasquachismo — or smaller footprint, more-with-less, entrepreneurial and alternative living and development. Additionally, I try to respond to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS), which strive to address the collective challenges we face related to “poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice.”

Please note the terms of use and feel free to join the mailing list, engage via Twitter or otherwise contribute.

As always, it’s good to have a “Plan B” — or to be in touch with a range of useful resources, skills, strategies, options and possible responses. I hope you’ll be in touch!

Mark A. Tirpak, PhD, MSCRP


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