Life is a (muddy) highway: Be ready to slog … for pennies per mile!

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This is getting personal — judge me if you want, but this is my footwear of choice:

Sloggers waterproof shoes and ABC Stores slip-on sandals — the owl approves!

I have other shoes, but these are my bread and butter. My friends know that I have been rocking ABC Stores slip-on sandals (aka chanclas or “rubbah slippahs”) since the ’90s, and I even hiked a section of the Great Wall of China and parts of the Inca Trail in a pair. However, my direct appeals to ABC Stores for sandal sponsorship have not been successful … to date :)!

A pair of ABC Stores slip-on sandals can last a long time, and I keep a separate set just for indoor wear. These sandals are considered surf geaar in part because they dry quickly.  I love them for the pool, beach or dock (and some showers), but also for gardening — just hose your feet off before you head in!

In cooler months and climates or when sandals aren’t an option, it’s time for Sloggers. Made in the USA out of 100% recyclable and “vegan friendly” rubber (non latex), Sloggers are unbelievably comfy, I think, and also a great choice for wet work or muddy conditions. From experience, they do a good job of keeping feet dry in rain and snow, and Sloggers also dry relatively quickly if they do get soaked (in my case, from leaving them out in rain). There are a range of colors and patterns to choose from, but I prefer more neutral Sloggers designs.

I find that these two footwear choices — ABC Stores slip-on sandals and Sloggers — make traveling a breeze.  I wear the slip-on Sloggers through airports and stash a set of sandals in my carry-on.  Both footwear items are easy to put on in an emergency, noting that you should make spare footwear part of your emergency preparedness.

Tom Cochrane told us that “life is a highway” (and to “kick down the garden gate”) — so might as well go for it with these discount and durable rubber kicks!

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