Frugal Friday: Grocery store active wear, etc.

[note: posts typically contain Amazon Affiliate links. See the terms of use]

It was another good week for saving some bucks! To celebrate Friday, here are some frugal tips from my everyday:

  1. Don’t forget to hunt for discount clothing options at your grocery store. For example, I found a sporty / yoga-y pullover (“activewear” top) at my local Grocery Outlet for <$10. I bought my favorite Hanes sweatshirts for a similar bargain at another grocery store chain.
  2. Additionally, chain drug stores in the US such as Walgreens can be great sources for city-specific and low-priced souvenirs including postcards and branded shirts and sweatshirts. They can also stock seasonal clothing options, slashing prices at the end of the season.
  3. Remember to look at the BACK of your paper receipts from grocery stores etc. for coupons or discounts. I saved 20% off parts and labor at a local bike shop this week by doing so.  If you are in the San Francisco Bay area, support Alameda’s Westside Joe’s bike shop!
  4. Check your local library website for savings such as free online access to newspapers and free or discounted admission to area museums. Your library might also offer free workshops and events such as film screenings (donate to your local library)!
  5. Finally, don’t forget to check Amazon’s Warehouse for deals on used products.  It’s not listed in the main page drop down menu, so just keyword search “Amazon Warehouse.”

Hope this week’s Frugal Friday ideas are helpful. Check back in future weeks for more!


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