Frugal Friday: Save the twist ties + your data

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It was another good week for saving some bucks! To celebrate Friday, here are some frugal tips from my everyday:

  1. Save twist ties from different purchases such as bundles of produce. Twist ties can be re-used for various purposes, and not just limited to gardening and food storage. For example, we use a sturdier twist tie to prop open a screen door, and ties can be used to organize different cables.
  2.  if you have internet at home, turn off your router and devices when they are not in use — to save energy and data use and increase security.  We turn off our router with a simple grounded switch. Note, too, that you can use inexpensive phones as portable wi-fi hot spots, to help conserve power and possibly get more out of your phone’s data plan.
    electric switch
  3. Further save data and reduce costs and reliance on the internet (“decomputerize“) by borrowing DVDs from your local library instead of streaming digital content. I recommend using an older laptop with a DVD drive as a multipurpose home device. You can even use one as a non-distraction writing machine, keeping it completely off the internet — a good idea if it has an older operating system.
  4. Finally, if you are using a Windows 10 computer, be sure to disable default peer-to-peer data sharing settings to conserve your data. From my experience, the default setting seems to be a MAJOR data hog.

Hope this week’s Frugal Friday ideas are helpful!  Check back in future weeks for more!

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