Frugal Friday: Pledge Allegiant Airlines + more

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This past weekend in Arizona was so good I plum missed a Frugal Friday post (forgive me)!  Hopefully, I make it up with these frugal tips from my trip and everyday:

  1. If it’s an option, fly Allegiant Air. Allegiant is a discount airline that serves only a few and often secondary airports in the US, such as “just plane easy” Mesa Gateway in the Phoenix area. Allegiant’s reviews are favorable, and flights with them can be a bargain — especially for travelers carrying only a “personal item” bag.  On board, I find the seats to be more comfortable than many major airlines, and a respectable gin and tonic was only $7USD. A pro-tip is to look for Allegiant’s package deals for top resorts in destination cities.
  2. I also recommend always flying with noise cancelling headphones, a tablet with some downloaded content and a headphone jack splitter. There was no in-flight entertainment (except for the woman sitting cross-legged and barefoot next me and creeping her nasty toes into my personal space) on my Allegiant flight.
  3.  A great option for a “personal item” bag is a kid’s back pack. They tend to be on sale at US drug stores and dollar stores. I also recommend using space saver compression bags for packing clothing, as well as wearing your bulkiest clothing items and footwear onto the plane. For all of us, PLEASE wear socks and footwear on flights … and keep your damn feet off of the seats and arm rests (just gross).
  4. On my trip to Arizona, I was thrilled to find a Dollar Tree near the airport for true one dollar pricing of items. Advil,  a pair of cheap sunglasses, a sunglasses case and super glue (to repair broken better quality sunglasses) for $4USD plus tax was exactly how I wanted to start my trip, compared with spending $29USD+ for ugly new shades at the airport.
  5. If you plan to rent a car when you travel, bring along a phone holder and 12v cigarette lighter charger (not all rentals have a USB port). I recommend a suction cup windshield phone holder. Additionally, I suggest using a Windows Phone (with maps downloaded) as a navigation device and offline music player. I do not recommend connecting your phone to your rental car via Bluetooth or other data sharing connection. Be careful with your personal data!

Hope this week’s Frugal Friday ideas are helpful. Check back in future weeks for more!

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