Frugal Friday: Remember to ‘concentrate’ + more

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As we go deep into Autumn and the end of decade, here are a few frugal tips to keep you going towards your financial goals AND helping the planet a little:

  1. To help reduce plastic waste and save money, buy organic soaps in concentrated forms.  Currently, I use / dilute Dr. Brommer’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap purchased from my neighborhood Grocery Outlet for different household needs.
  2. I also stretch organic bottled juices by making my own flavored sparkling water. If you LOVE sparkling water like we do, I recommend investing in a product like a SodaStream dispenser and bottles BUT also looking for a “hack” that allows the use of larger CO2 cylinders. Switching to a larger CO2 cylinder and finding an alternate source for filling it with food-grade CO2 (wielding supply shop, etc) might add some risks and complications, but it can result in substantial savings in refill costs over time — for example paying roughly $20 for a 5lb cylinder fill versus paying $20 for each 1lb cylinder exchange. Use your judgement, and be aware of CO2 cylinder guidelines for safe handling and use.
  3. Cycling instead of driving for work and chores can save a bunch, but definitely invest in a rear tire rack and panniers so that you can ride safely with cargo — including when you buy concentrated soap and organic juice at Grocery Outlet in bulk! Personally, I like “grocery bag” style panniers like these. I’ve used the same pair since the late nineties!

Hope this week’s Frugal Friday ideas are helpful. Check back in future weeks for more!

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