COVID-19: What to do right now

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Thankfully, US online retail so far has not completely fallen over — and in some cases it has expanded.

I’m going to draw heavily from a recent New York Times article but also other resources (including CDC guidelines) with this post. To summarize, this is what experts seem to suggest we do right now in our everyday lives to help combat COVID-19:

  • stay home;
  • wash your hands thoroughly and often and avoid touching your face;
  • CLEAN your home and items (phones, keys, wallets, glasses, etc.) regularly — especially surfaces you touch regularly. I also wash outside steps, awnings, balconies & door handles;
  • Wash your clothes (towels, bedding etc.) regularly. Avoid shaking dirty clothes. Disinfect hampers, etc. as part of your cleaning routine;
  • CLEAN any packages that arrive at your home (we clean & open packages outside);
  • practice maximum social distancing from others;
  • isolate the infected, including from other family members;
  • restrict travel to the absolute minimum (stay home);
  • don’t waste time or resources pointing fingers;
  • check for fever and record temperature twice a day if possible;
  • keep record of your movements and interactions with others, if any;
  • work to produce ventilators and oxygen and to support these efforts;
  • don’t visit hospitals, nursing homes or other places providing care;
  • volunteer, but do it safely; and
  • don’t hoard stuff, but especially not essential supplies.

I’d add keep things in perspective. Outside of the US it is the norm/minimum to have four or more vacation weeks per year. Rest, recharge, and slow it all down.

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